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Archive for November 2019


New Courts at Lakewood Ranch High School Update: _OPEN

The repurposed basketball courts are now 5 dedicated pickleball courts.

They are painted, lined and posts/nets are up.

 Open Play:

Lakewood National: Thursday’s 10-12 Intermediates and Friday’s 10-12 Advanced.

LWR High School is open to the public but I would encourage all to meet and play Saturday and Sunday mornings.  A free Introduction clinic is held the first Saturday of the month at 8:30am.

In addition, let’s give the following a try:

Manatee Practice:   Sunday         5pm    Team only

Ranchers Practice:  Tuesday       6pm    Team only

Novice:                      Friday          8:30am

Intermediates:         Thursday     6pm

Advanced:               Wednesday  6pm


Court use guidelines:

Court 1 nearest H.S. is the lower skill level working up to Court 5 upper level for that day’s play.

Service starts on North side towards basketball courts.

When full, place paddles in fence by the court you wish to play on, based on level where possible.

If two waiting then losers come off.  If four waiting, then all four come off.

On a busy day, winners should not stay for more than two games.

This way players can split and/or move to other courts for as you wish.

Remember we were all novices once.


Lakewood National is teaming with LWR Pickleball Club to offer some events and clinics.

The Plus 4 Challenge is November 22nd.

 League Play:

Opening play started October 26th.  Please check our web for standings.

Please send me your team or metal winning pics for the web.

Tip of the month:

Ready Position: A common mistake I see players making while moving forward to net is not having your paddle in proper ready position.  They have it at their knees or below the net, not up in front of the body.