LWR Pickleball News: January 2020     Happy New Year!


New Courts at Lakewood Ranch High School Update: _OPEN

To sign up for play sessions go to Play Time Scheduler button on our web.


 Open Play:

Lakewood National: 10-12am; Intermediate Thursday; Advanced Friday.

LWR High School is open to the public. I encourage all to meet and play Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Additional sessions:

Novice:                   Tuesday & Friday 8:30am

Intermediates:         Thursday     6pm

Advanced:               Wednesday 6pm

A free Introduction clinic is held the first Saturday of the month at 8:30am on LWR H.S. tennis courts.

Court use guidelines:

Court 1 nearest H.S. is the lower skill level working up to Court 5 upper level for that day’s play.

When full, place paddles in fence by the court you wish to play on, based on level where possible.

If two waiting then losers come off.  If four waiting, then all four come off.

On a busy day, winners should not stay for more than two games.

This way players can split and/or move to other courts as they wish.

Remember we were all novices once.


A new doubles league has been formed and now open for entrants.

League is for Men’s & Women’s doubles, skill levels 3.0, 3.5, 4+

Limited to 8 teams each. You will play all other teams over a two-month period starting January 19th.  Matches will be 3 out of 5 games to 11, win by 2.  They will be held at the home-teams facility or other agreed location.

Cost is only $9.  You should have a partner at sign up, but if not, I will assign you one if possible.  You cannot select a partner that is not in the system yet, so first one registers, then partner selects the link.

To register select Upcoming Events button at top of our web site.

A free social event will be held Sunday January 26th 9am at the LWR H.S.

Food and drinks will be provided as well as structured games.  Please use Playtime Scheduler on web to add your name to this event.

Tip of the month:

A common mistake I see players making is not making contact in front of their body.  Not doing so puts you in poor position to control and angle the shot.

Bob Haskin, IPTPA, PPR Certified