LWR Pickleball Club News: October 2020    


Our membership is up to 449. We operate as a Florida Non-Profit Corporation 501 (c) (3).  Your $15 dues/contribution helps us promote pickleball, provides insurance during events, a free subscription to Pickleball Magazine, maintains the website, and presents a strong presence in East Manatee County for court development. The LWR High School courts were built in part due to our presence and perseverance, and we continue to press for more facilities and improvements.

We have corrected the auto renewal notices adding 3 reminders prior to the due date to allow for you to cancel if you so choose.  Also, as cards on file expire you will be notified to sign in at: www.lwrpickleballclub.com and update your card.  I would like to remind everyone that the club is more than paying to be in league matches.  More member benefits are on our site.


League play is on hold at this time due to COVID restrictions on gatherings. We will reinstate as soon as each community is open to outside play. In its place, I have created a free to members only doubles league to satisfy those wishing to be competitive.  Each league will operate as a multi-week round robin with prizes for winners based on points.  Each group is limited to 12 teams that will play over three months beginning November 1st.  This is the same as we ran last year, where you can play anytime/anywhere. To register, go to:


There is MD and WD 3.0, 3.5 and 4+ so sign in with your partner prior to Halloween.


We will be hosting some free clinics with round robin play at the LWR High School as follows as soon as I can work out an agreement with County Parks to use the courts.

The club owns a 10’x10’ event tent and is available to borrow for tournament use.

 Lakewood Ranch High School Courts Play:

  • ALL five courts are now open.
  • Social distancing is in order.
  • Please sub in 2 when waiting, or 4-on 4-off when busy.
  • Place your paddle in the holder behind the court you want to play. Let’s keep pickleball a welcoming community in LWR.
  • Please use Play Time Scheduler at lwrpickleballclub.com to schedule your groups. Remember this is not a court reservation system.  You are not entitled to shut out others when waiting.


We are offering business sponsorships for a yearly $200 donation that will be placed on our main web page.  If you know of anyone interested in being a pickleball club supporter, please ask them to contact me.

Pro Clinic offered:

Touring pro Rob Davidson will be at Lakewood National for two great 3-hour clinics, on December 14th & 15th.   See info on web under Upcoming Events to register.

Bob Haskin, President, IPTPA, PPR Certified Instructor, Team Onix, Lessons available