LWR Pickleball Club News: July 2021

Membership:  563 Welcome 21 new members.

Doubles League:

The new Picklecap doubles league is under way with 32 players in two levels. For more information visit

Team League:

The fall league will be starting back up in October running through March.  We will be using the Picklecap system to schedule and track team matches.  I’m looking for Team Captains to be responsible for organizing their players/schedule.  Like the doubles league, you will schedule based on both team’s availability.  This league will be free and all players must be members for liability purposes.  There will be two levels (Novice/Intermediate) (Intermediate/Advanced) with 8 matches per date, 2MD, 2WD, 4MXD.  The number of dates played will be determined by the total teams signed up in either the NI or IA leagues.  Contact me if you wish to host a team.

Clinic:  I’m hosting two free clinics with round robin play at LWR H.S. in July.  Please register at

July 20th 8-11am Novice

July 27th 8-11am Intermediate

 Advanced Tournament:  Strong 3.5+ thru 4.5 save Sunday August 22nd on your calendar.

We are looking to host a Sandhill Summer Sizzler at the High School.  Details will be posted separately soon.

Acacia Pickleball Shoe Affiliation:

I’m also pleased to announce that I have entered into an affiliate agreement with Acacia, the Official Shoe of USA Pickleball.  To look at the offerings visit: and enter discount code: LWRPC to receive 10% off your order.  Our club receives 2% back on all purchases.  You may share this code with friends.  I’m wearing the Dink Shot 2 which has a wide toe box to accommodate and support laterally my EEE nicely.

Play Groups:              

2.0 Tuesday 1pm

2.5 Friday 1pm

3.0 Friday 3pm

3.5 Wednesday 4pm

4+  Some evenings

Register using Playtime Scheduler:

Please only attend play groups at your skill level.  Playing up cause’s issues for all.

To help you determine your skill level please visit:

Tip:  Look to hit your third shot softly into the middle.  It does not have to be a drop in the kitchen to be effective.  This will help keep your opponents off by forcing them to move sideways and hit a lower shot.  Look for the high return to put away.

I’m pleased to announce that Harris Williams will be replacing Carol Lucas as our Executive Vice President.  Carol will continue to assist and offer her guidance going forward.

Bob Haskin, President, IPTPA, PPR Certified Instructor, Team Onix, Lessons available…