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LWR Pickleball League

The LWR Pickleball Club League :

Purpose is to promote competitive and social play between LWR Communities and non affiliated players.

Currently there are 8 teams competing from October-March the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s monthly.

Players with USAPA skill level of 3.0-4.0 are welcome with other social play opportunities being developed.

If interested in joining a team, please contact us.

LWR Pickleball Club Spring League Final Standings:

1)Manatee  75 pts
2)River Strand

58 pts

3) Indigo 37 pts
1)Country Club 63 pts
2) Stoneybrook 46 pts
3) National 31 pts
Team Esplanade Winners 2018-19 LWR Pickleball Club