About Us

Lakewood Ranch Pickleball Club Mission: To be the premier Pickleball Club in Lakewood Ranch and South West Florida.

Status: IRS Code Section 501(c)(7)


    1. Season 2022-23 Club Goals:
      1. Create more opportunities to play Pickleball.
      2. Expand Team League play to accommodate and recruit more club members and enthusiasm for pickleball. 
      3. Set up weekly social play/events for all skill levels utilizing Playtime Scheduler.
      4. Grow participation in morning open play at LWR High School Courts.
      5. Encourage members to plan social pickleball play with others.


      1. Increase awareness of pickleball and our club.
        1. Market select club logo merchandise for sale to pickleball enthusiasts in order to create club awareness, while generating revenue to support club activities.
        2. Encourage club members to wear pickleball logo shirts to LWR Events.
        3. Offer free introductory clinics, 1st Saturday of month at LWR High School 8:30am.
        4. Solicit local media coverage for club events.
        5. Solicit business sponsorships.


      1. Grow competitive pickleball in the area.
        1. Host our annual local tournament “Sandhill Classic”.
        2. Start a challenge round robin boxleague for players.
        3. Host clinics for skill growth at all levels.


      1. Seek public, dedicated pickleball courts in Lakewood Ranch.
        1. Continue to press Manatee County Park & Rec officials to build dedicated courts at LWR High School to ease overcrowding, and a provide a Tournament quality complex at Premier Sports Campus.
        2. Identify and lobby to get pickleball courts lined/painted on under utilized tennis/basketball courts, or open pavement owned by LWR, Schools or SMR.