DUPR League


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LWRPC’s mission is to be the premier Pickleball Club in Lakewood Ranch and South West Florida.

LWRPC’s objective is to promote competitive and social play between LWR communities and local non-affiliated players.

DUPR Division (Mid-Week) will add a separately managed, fun, competitive and vibrant addition while striving to be inclusive of Captains and Players needs, adherence to rules and control of costs.


We will endeavor to have a Maximum of 8 Teams per Division

Each Division shall consist of a 7 week regular season

There will be a 2 week playoff for the Top 4 Teams

There will be 3 Seasons: FALL/WINTER/SPRING

Captains shall be create their own rosters and have full control to add/delete
The projected 3 Leagues will consist of:

Women’s 2.5-3.0, 3.0-3.5 and 3.5-4.0 (Played on Wednesdays)

Men’s 3.0-3.5 and 3.5-4.0 (Played on Thursdays)

Mixed 3.0-3.5 and 3.5-4.0 (Played on Fridays)

All match scores to be submitted to Picklescoresby the Home Team within 24 hours of completion of Match

League shall put scores into DUPR


All League Players must be current members of the LWRPC at $15 per year. To join please sign up at (Please note this is an automatic annual renewal unless you opt-out):

All DUPR Players must have a free DUPR ID which can be found at:
www.mydupr.com(free membership)

To join the LWRPC DUPR Club please go to:

Upon completion of these steps you are fully registered


Each Divisionshall have a player allowance of .25 above the top rating

In the event that a Player is above the Division rating, said player must be paired with another player who falls below the division rating.
As an example: Player X is in the 3.5-4.0 Division and has a DUPR rating of 4.17. That Player can only play in a match with a Player whose rating is 3.49 or lower. This shall apply to ALL Divisions. We are attempting to find true parity for all Players within a Division.

Every Players DUPR Rating the Monday before the match shall determine their eligibility (if they must be paired with a lower rated player).

Under no circumstance may a Player above the top rating allowance of .25 at the start of the season participate in that Division. If a Player rises above the allowance in the season they may complete that season (ie: 4.2 rises to a 4.35).

Any Player may play in any Division above their DUPR rating


***You MUST use the actual “Day Of Play” when uploading scores so the matches are properly recorded: (ie: originally scheduled to play on 3/12 but actually played on 3/14, you must use the 3/14 date)!!!***

We shall continue with ALL of the rules currently used for League play (continued on next page) with the exception being the new Player Eligilbiltyrule.

The other change shall be that ALL matches must be played within 10 days of there scheduled date and in the case of the final week of the regular season it shall be a 5 day window. Please note matches can be played prior to the scheduled date.

In the event that you cannot reschedule your match within the new windows, each Team shall be awarded 4 Points

There will be a Playoff Round the Final 2 weeks of each Season consisting of the Top 4 Teams. The Top 4 shall be determined using our standard point system. In the event of a tie, head to head results shall be the tiebreaker

Playoffs -Week 1 will have Team 1 playing Team 4 and Team 2 playing Team 3. The Winners play the following week for the Divisional Championship. The Losers can play for 3rdPlace at their discretion (balls will be provided).

The remaining 4 Teams may play eachother for 5th-8thplace at their discretion


USAPA Pickleball Rules apply to All matches

Match format is a round robin; 3 courts; each game to 15 (win by 1)

Each doubles team plays all 3 opponent’s teams (6 players per side)

Players cannot play for another team if one exists within their Community

Coaching is only allowed during timeouts or between games

Video recording is prohibited unless all players approve

Captains are responsible for securing home court and bringing the balls

Play time shall be 12P-3P unless agreed to by both Captains

A point is awarded for each game won

FallSchedule(8 Teams)

Regular Season Wed Oct 9-Fri Nov 22

Holiday Break

PlayoffsWedDec. 4 –Fri Dec.13
WinterSchedule (8 Teams)

Regular Season Wed Jan 8 –Fri Feb 21

Playoffs Wed Feb 26 –Fri Mar 7
Spring Schedule(8 Teams)

Regular Season Wed Mar 12 –Fri Apr 25

PlayoffsWed Apr 30 –Fri May 9


** The Total Cost shall be $100 per Season per Team for each 8 Team Division.

Captains -To pay for your Team please login to your Picklescores account with your password and go to Forms, then DUPR, Your Last Name, and the last step is Completed Form/Pay fee
The League shall provide:

All Balls for the regular season and playoffs (Franklin X40)

All website, insurance (for individuals and Communities), and administrative costs

All-Star Game Food and Awards

Free entry into the following Season for Winning Teams

Waiver: as a member of the LWRPC you have agreed to a waiver indicating your risk awareness, limiting the liability of the LWRPC, its officers and Manatee County Parks and Rec for facility use.
** Please note that each Division requires $800 in fees. If fewer than 8 Teams then the per Team fee shall increase (ie: 7 Teams shall be $115 per Team)


The League is hoping to create a mid-season classic sometime in March on a weekend.

Each Team shall put forth their 2 players for the All-Star Game

The eligibility standard used in the regular season shall still apply

There will be a round-robin double-elimination tournament until we crown the All-Star Champs.

League to provide medals to winners

Pizza and drinks shall be provided to All Players