LWR Pickleball Club News: September 2022

Membership: 796 Welcome 10 new members.

Team League:
The next season starts October 22nd.
There will be a Senior (60+) match in all doubles, MD/WD/MXD this year.
If you are interested in participating and do not live in a community with a team, let me know as there are teams looking for players in all levels.

Doubles Flex League:
For more information and to join the next one, visit I strongly suggest this as a way to get in some competitive play without going to crowded all day tournaments. It’s also a great way to judge your progress and meet others at your level.

Ladder/Box League:
We will be running a ladder/box league at the LWR High School starting October 18th running every Tuesday for 10 weeks from 8-9am for 3-3.5 skill for $40.
Also, Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30pm for 4+. Standings will count 8 best of 10 weeks.
To sign up, select “Box” at:
Ladder leagues are a great way to gain competitive experience without having a dedicated partner. This will guarantee you court time with similar skilled players.

New Instructional Academy:
September 22nd 8-10am $25. Sign up on Playtime Scheduler:
Please visit our site for a list of our instructors and trainers.
Paddle Demo Day is coming in October. Onix, Paddletek, Head, Diadem and others.

Premier Sports update:
I’ve been told by Manatee Parks that they are still in the planning stage and hope to get started by end of this year. The lights at the High School are finally being addressed. Two new poles are to be added.

Sandhill Classic: November 11-13. Only $40 + $10/event. Details out soon.

To help you determine your skill level please visit:
Also see USAPA Player Skill Rating Definitions on the web site.
Additional Resources: Check out this nice Pickleball Song Dinks in the Kitchen:

A new informative site:
Local Connection sites: “Pickleball Connections” is dedicated to enhancement of the pickleball experience by connecting players and communities worldwide. Facebook: “Lakewood Ranch Pickleball”

Tip: Are players hitting hard shots at you? Resist the urge to pound it back. Instead use block shots to drop it near their feet. You cannot drive a ball from below your knees successfully.

Bob Haskin, President, IPTPA, PPR Certified Instructor, Team Onix, Lessons available.

2021 Rule Changes

Here is a copy of the new rule book:


Here are some helpful notes:

Four 2021 Tournament Rule changes:
Five 2021Rule Changes:


LWR Pickleball Leagues

The LWR Pickleball Club League :  2022-23

Purpose is to promote competitive and social play between LWR Communities and local non affiliated players.

This season there are 19 teams competing from October-March.

Players with USAPA skill level of 2.5-4.5 are welcome.

The new Doubles League is under way at: