January News

Happy New Year!

Web Site: http://lwrpickleballclub.com web site is up and running.

Look in there often for updates on the League Standings, event notices,

pictures, items & equipment for sale, and much more.

Open Play: Please consider joining one of the following open play

sessions: Friday 4-6pm, Saturday/Sunday 8:30-11am. The more we

use the courts at LWR High School, the more support for public play

we show.

County Parks Update: Manatee Parks currently is planning to

resurface the LWR H.S. tennis courts with 4 tennis and 8 pickleball

courts late this year. Upgrades to G.T. Bray will follow along with

plans to add 24 pickleball courts and 2 covered stadium courts at

Premier Sports starting in 2020.

USAPA: If you are not currently a member of USAPA, please consider

joining by going to https://www.usapa.org.

Equipment: Onix Pickleball merchandise is being offered as a

member benefit, select Equipment tab on our website for offerings.

Also, visit Pickleball Sarasota (Skybox Sports) www.skyboxstore.com

and give them code VIPBOB to get your special gift/discount and to

sign up for their monthly newsletter with coupons.

Captains Meeting: January 11th

1) Reconfirmed that the LWR PB Club is open to players in the greater

LWR area and not to be considered community/neighborhood only.

2) League winners to receive $200 gift card, last place $20 scratch offs.

3) Future league play to include skill 2.5.

4) Look to provide opportunities for novice/just for fun players

possibly forming a separate league under current format and/or

expansion of the Saturday play at LWR H.S.

5) Forming a LWR Travel Squad. If interested in playing outside

LWR please contact me.

6) Lesson clinics: If interested in attending a half day clinic with a top

ranked pro for about $100 let me know as I am looking to bring that to

our club.

7) Looking for social ideas. If you have an interest in organizing any

social activity contact me for distribution to our members.

Current Membership: 284 paid + 108 affiliates

Tip of the month:

When lobbing make it over your opponents backhand side.

If ball is hit over your head at the net, your partner should go for it and

you should switch sides so you are not in the path of the return and in a

better return position.

Bob Haskin, IPTPA

President LWR PB Club

Team Onix

LWR Pickleball League

LWR Pickleball Club League Final Standings:

1)Esplanade $200 visa
4)Country Club  
5)River Strand  
8)Del Webb $20 lotto
Team Esplanade Winners 2018-19 LWR Pickleball Club

Plus 4 Challenge

Congratulations to the following for placing in the first LWR Pickleball Plus 4 Challenge.

Competetion was tight with five tied after the first round robin play at 52 points.

  1. Nate Griffin
  2. Gavin Thomas
  3. Kent Gardner
  4. Dan Pechtol

Items/Equipment for Sale

We have 1-M, 10-L, 1-XL Yellow Sandhill Classic shirts for sale @$10

We also have many Blue Club Logo Towels for $7

2018 Lakewood Ranch Pickleball Sandhill Classic Results




  • Gold: Nova Grande & Sally Nista
  • Silver: Mary Maxwell & Sonja Reed
  • Bronze: Christine Hayashi & Allison Samona


  • Gold: Barb Westermeier & Judith Robertson
  • Silver: Beth Gambrell & Cindy Thomas
  • Bronze Michelle Ionne & Susi Ruettimann



  • Gold: Angelo Blanda & Robert Tobias
  • Silver: Drew Gordon & Joushua Linney
  • Bronze: John McGory & Dennis Grove 3.5


  • Gold: Mario Martino & Bruce Chipurnoi
  • Silver: Joe Pasquale & Luc Lucero
  • Bronze: Robert Burns & Jerry Jones


  • Gold: Josh Jeffcott & Corey Knapp
  • Silver: Scott Barker & Gavin Thomas
  • Bronze: Bryane Kowaleski & Doug Dundon



  • Gold: Dennis Stacy & Leslie Witczak
  • Silver: Norm Bowman & Doreen Bowman
  • Bronze: John McGrory & Margaret Abbott


  • Gold: Jerry Jones & Beth Gambrell
  • Silver: Luc Lucero & Elizabeth Warrier
  • Bronze: Gary Eichmeyer & Susi Ruettimann


  • Gold: Scott Barker & Janet Cauchi
  • Silver: Dan Pechtol & Sandy Rice
  • Bronze: Mario Martino & Lizane Nadon