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Four 2021 Tournament Rule changes:
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LWR Pickleball Club News: February 2021


Steadily increases as more players come to LWR.  487 membership.


We are hosting three free clinics with round robin play at the LWR High School.

These events are free to club members and will consist of a 20-minute skill specific clinic followed by round robin play where you will get a chance to play with others earning points.

Top 3 will receive a prize.  Each day is limited to 16 players.  If you are not currently a member and wish to join, go to:

You must register using Playtime Scheduler:

3.5 skill February 9th   6-8pm

2.5 skill February 12th 2:30-4pm

3.0 skill February 16th 3-5pm

To help you determine your skill level please visit:

I am looking for someone to help organize a weekly play session for each of these groups.

Could be men’s/women’s/mixed.  Must be afternoons so to not interfere with busy mornings.

Congrats to our first two RR winners: 2.5 Elise Stone and 3.0 Diane McCarthy.

League:  I will be adding a league by skill shortly where you play your matches on your schedule.

 Lakewood Ranch High School Courts Play:  Closed to a private event on Saturday Feb 6th

  • ALL five courts are open.
  • Social distancing is in order.
  • Please sub in 2 when waiting, or 4-on 4-off when busy.
  • Place your paddle in the holder behind the court you want to play.
  • Please warm up behind courts prior to entering for play during busy times.
  • Please use Playtime Scheduler to schedule your groups. Remember this is not a court reservation system.  You are not entitled to shut out others when waiting.

County Update:

We have contacted the county to express our concern regarding pickleball at both Premier Sports and LWR H.S.  We will be provided input into Premier when the time comes but I fear that’s a bit down the road.  The H.S. has 2018 funding available and we have stressed to them the immediate need to upgrade and add more courts asap.

Summerfield: There are 4 pickleball courts lined on the tennis courts.  Bring your own nets.


We are offering business sponsorships for a yearly $200 donation that will be placed on our main web page.  If you know of anyone interested in being a pickleball club supporter, please ask them to contact me.

 Bob Haskin, President, IPTPA, PPR Certified Instructor, Team Onix, Lessons available

The LWR Pickleball Club League :

Purpose is to promote competitive and social play between LWR Communities and local non affiliated players.

Currently there are 8 teams competing from October-February on the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s monthly.

Players with USAPA skill level of 3.0-4.5 are welcome.

The new Doubles League is under way at:

LWR Pickleball Club League Final Standings:

1) Manatees    Winner
2) River Strand    
3) Esplanade


4) Ranchers    
5) Stoneybrook    
6) Country Club    
7) Del Webb    
8) National    


Doubles League Finals:

MD 3.5 Jan Trabandt & Trace Hardman

MD 4.0 Rob Tobias & Bob Haskin

WD 3.0 Nancy Basmagy & Carrie Maldonato

WD 3.5 Christine Eiserlo & Libby Corran