LWR Pickleball News: February 2020     

New Courts at Lakewood Ranch High School Update:  CLOSED due to COVID-19

  • We have received permission to supply wind screens at the courts.
  • We are asking for your donations to accomplish this. Please visit our GoFundMe campaign at:


  • To sign up for play sessions go to Play Time Scheduler at:

www.lwrpickleballclub.com and click the button.

Open Play:

Lakewood National: 10-12am; Intermediate Thursday; Advanced Friday.

LWR High School is open to the public. I encourage all to meet and play Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

Additional sessions:

Novice:                   Tuesday & Friday 8:30am

Intermediates:         Thursday     6pm

Advanced:               Wednesday 6pm

A free Introductory clinic is held the first Saturday of the month at 8:30am on LWR H.S. tennis courts.

Court use guidelines:

Court 1 nearest H.S. is the lower skill level working up to Court 5 upper level for that day’s play.

When full, place paddles in fence by the court you wish to play on, based on level where possible.

If two waiting then losers come off.  If four waiting, then all four come off.

On a busy day, winners should not stay for more than two games.

This way players can split and/or move to other courts as they wish.


A new doubles league was formed and is now under way.

League is for Men’s & Women’s doubles, skill levels 3.0, 3.5, 4+

Limited to 8 teams each. You will play all other teams over two-months.

Pro Clinic offered:

Touring pro Rob Davidson will be at Lakewood National for two great 3 hour clinics, 1-4pm, April 15 & 16th.

Tip of the month:

Develop good volley skills by practicing with a purpose. With only two players, you should practice not only volleying the ball straight ahead, but also crosscourt using both backhands and forehands. I like to target my shots for accuracy at their torso, keeping it low.     Bob Haskin, IPTPA, PPR Certified Instructor

2019 Sandhill Classic Results:

MXD 3.0

Gold:        Lisa Nieves & Sandy Ybarra

Silver:      Nancy Basmagy & Rich Bianchi

MXD 3.5

Gold:        Sue Preston & Ben De Jesus

Silver:      Joanie Dotzman & Wes Martin

Bronze:   Christine Hayashi & Ken Katter

WD 3.0

Gold:        Jo Ann Brown & Lori LeClair

Silver:      Lisa Nieves & Nancy Basmagy

Bronze:   Teresa Harris & Jacque Marks


Gold:        Jim Nestle & Jack Wolf

Silver:      Sandy Ybarra & Rich Bianchi

Bronze:   Kevin Cote & Walid Gabr

WD 3.5

Gold:        Shawn Snyder & Sue Preston

Silver:      Nancy Corona & Caryn & Troxell

Bronze:   Carol Lucas & Luz Melendez

MD 3.5/4.0

Gold:        Nate Griffin & Chuck Olsen

Silver:      Jeremy Hartmark & Max Scott

Bronze:   Bob Haskin & Jesse Marshall

The LWR Pickleball Club League :

Purpose is to promote competitive and social play between LWR Communities and local non affiliated players.

Currently there are 8 teams competing from October-February on the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s monthly.

Players with USAPA skill level of 3.0-4.5 are welcome.

The new Doubles League is under way at: www.globalpickleball.network

LWR Pickleball Club League Final Standings:

1) Manatees    Winner
2) River Strand    
3) Esplanade


4) Ranchers    
5) Stoneybrook    
6) Country Club    
7) Del Webb    
8) National    


SPRING LEAGUE starts March 28th.