LWR Pickleball News: August


Registration is now open for this years “Sandhill Classic” October 9-12 at Lakewood National

Please go to:

Select tournaments/future tournaments/then search in Florida,

Scroll down a bit until you see “Sandhill Classic”

Mixed Doubles 10/9 skill 3.0 & 3.5

Men’s Doubles 10/10 1pm 3.0, 10/11 1pm 3.5, 10/12 8:15am 4.0 & 4.5

Women’s Doubles 10/10 8:15am 3.0, 10/11 at 8:15am 3.5

Cool stuff:

Pickleball PROS Tyson McGuffin and Lucy Kovalova (Team Onix) stopped by the TODAY Show plaza to give Sheinelle Jones, Lester Holt and Al Roker a taste of what pickleball is all about.

Check out their segment on pickleball here!

League Play:

Opening play starts October 26th.  I would like to see if we could start another at large team like Manatee’s.  If you would like to help by being captain let me know.  It would play in the social side and be called “Ranchers”.

I will also be starting the free introduction clinics at the LWR H.S. starting October 5th.  Let me know if you would like to help and learn how to teach beginners.

County Parks Update: Manatee Parks currently is planning to

repurpose the front 3 basketball courts at the High School soon.

I’m not sure the timeline.  Perminate nets will be installed I’m told.

Upgrades to G.T. Bray will follow along with

plans to add 24 pickleball courts and 2 covered stadium courts at

Premier Sports starting in 2020.  Planing is ongoing.

USAPA: If you are not currently a member of USAPA, please consider

joining by going to

Equipment: Onix Pickleball merchandise is being offered as a

member benefit, select Equipment tab on our website for offerings.

Also, visit Pickleball Sarasota (Skybox Sports)

and give them code VIPBOB to get your special gift/discount and to

sign up for their monthly newsletter with coupons.


Current Membership: 325 paid + 106 affiliates.

We have improved our invoicing capability so members will automatically receive

their yearly $15 renewal and given the opportunity to opt out.

This will also reduce operating costs.

Tip of the month:

If you are playing against hard hitters (bangers), try to hit soft angled shots by their feet, preventing them from returning hard.

If they hit it to hard you will have a nice one to put away.

Bob Haskin, IPTPA, PPR Certified

President LWR PB Club

Team Onix

LWR Pickleball League

The LWR Pickleball Club League :

Purpose is to promote competitive and social play between LWR Communities and non affiliated players.

Currently there are 8 teams competing from October-March the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s monthly.

Players with USAPA skill level of 3.0-4.0 are welcome with other social play opportunities being developed.

If interested in joining a team, please contact us.

LWR Pickleball Club Spring League Final Standings:

1)Manatee  75 pts
2)River Strand

58 pts

3) Indigo 37 pts
1)Country Club 63 pts
2) Stoneybrook 46 pts
3) National 31 pts
Team Esplanade Winners 2018-19 LWR Pickleball Club

Plus 4 Challenge

Congratulations to the following for placing in the first LWR Pickleball Plus 4 Challenge.

Competetion was tight with five tied after the first round robin play at 52 points.

  1. Nate Griffin
  2. Gavin Thomas
  3. Kent Gardner
  4. Dan Pechtol

Items/Equipment for Sale

We have some Yellow Sandhill Classic shirts for sale @$10

We also have many Blue Club Logo Towels for $7

2018 Lakewood Ranch Pickleball Sandhill Classic Results




  • Gold: Nova Grande & Sally Nista
  • Silver: Mary Maxwell & Sonja Reed
  • Bronze: Christine Hayashi & Allison Samona


  • Gold: Barb Westermeier & Judith Robertson
  • Silver: Beth Gambrell & Cindy Thomas
  • Bronze Michelle Ionne & Susi Ruettimann



  • Gold: Angelo Blanda & Robert Tobias
  • Silver: Drew Gordon & Joushua Linney
  • Bronze: John McGory & Dennis Grove 3.5


  • Gold: Mario Martino & Bruce Chipurnoi
  • Silver: Joe Pasquale & Luc Lucero
  • Bronze: Robert Burns & Jerry Jones


  • Gold: Josh Jeffcott & Corey Knapp
  • Silver: Scott Barker & Gavin Thomas
  • Bronze: Bryane Kowaleski & Doug Dundon



  • Gold: Dennis Stacy & Leslie Witczak
  • Silver: Norm Bowman & Doreen Bowman
  • Bronze: John McGrory & Margaret Abbott


  • Gold: Jerry Jones & Beth Gambrell
  • Silver: Luc Lucero & Elizabeth Warrier
  • Bronze: Gary Eichmeyer & Susi Ruettimann


  • Gold: Scott Barker & Janet Cauchi
  • Silver: Dan Pechtol & Sandy Rice
  • Bronze: Mario Martino & Lizane Nadon